3 things that caught my attention this week – 12 April

  1. Wearable devices improving our health The potential for wearable devices to help our health. The prevalence of wearable devices (think Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch) is only going to increase and become more interconnected to our everyday life. Beyond the more fitness tracker type of devices like those I mention above, the big IT companies are investing significantly in this space as they see significant potential benefits for deeper monitoring of our health. The day is not too far off where we will be able to have devices monitoring a range of biological markers which will provide us with a highly detailed and personalised assessment of our current state of health. I recently upgraded my Garmin watch which I primarily use for tracking my running but it is also able to track my sleep and give me a stress level assessment.

2. The Cancer of our Generation

Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation this week released the Cancer of our Generation report. This is a topic close to my heart following the loss of my Dad to this hideous disease in 2015. Pancreatic Cancer is a death sentence in most cases, with just a 9.8% chance of surviving 5 years once diagnosed. This statistic has barely changed in 40 years, while both Breast and Prostate cancer see survival rates of over 90%. The low survival rates are due to the difficulty in detecting the disease at an early stage – the Pancreas is hidden, there are no obvious symptoms and currently no early warning test.   

To end the inequity and change the story for Australians, the Avner Foundation is asking the government for $52m in funding for #PancreaticCancer research and patient support.  

Channel 9 covered this story with a link to their news report here  

3. Federal Election called for May 18th  

It has been hard to avoid the news that the Federal election has been called with Australian’s to go to the polls on Saturday 18 May. The Wall Street Journal carried the announcement with the headline ‘Australia to pick its next leader – with an election’, which serves as a reminder of the appalling state of Australian politics over the past decade.  

While the polls indicate that Labor appear to have the result in the bag, I think there are some serious questions and concerns around the implications for business and the economy around some of their tax and financial policies which the Liberals will no doubt be looking to exploit.  

Perhaps the only thing that can help us bear being bombarded with 5 weeks of political advertising is a #democracysausage you will be able to get at the sausage sizzle at your local school polling station on the 18th May.  

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