3 things that caught my attention this week – 19 April

Tiger Woods
While I would only consider myself a casual observer of international golf, it was hard not to get caught up in the significance and emotion of Tiger’s victory at the Masters in the early hours of Monday morning in Australia. The magic of sport for me is the emotion it evokes in both the athletes and the spectators and the way in which it brings people together – and moments either side of Tiger taking his final shot to win his 15th Major Championship and 5th US Masters Green Jacket will go down in history as one of the most remembered moments in sport. This 4 minute clip capturing the moments just before and after his victory is brilliant viewing. https://twitter.com/ColinCowherd/status/1117524820944494592

Paris Roubaix
As an avid cyclist and cycling fan, the one day classic Paris-Roubaix for me is the one must watch cycling event of the year. The race is one of attrition with the 270km journey from Paris to Roubaix including over 50km of cobblestone roads testing the limits of both man and machine. While not quite on the same scale as the comeback of Tiger Woods, the victory by Belgium’s Phillip Gilbert was from one of the sports great champions over the years who has won plenty of races but had never conquered the ‘Hell of the North’. This footage from on-board cameras gives some insight to what the riders put themselves through in this brutal event. https://twitter.com/VelonCC/status/1117520273589395457

Notre Dame
My third and final thing from this week was the devastating fire at Notre Dame in Paris. I had the opportunity to visit the Notre Dame in 2006 and as an Australian where our oldest buildings are barely 200 years old, I remember being overwhelmed by the history and culture that exists within a building that is in excess of 800 years old. The Notre Dame has been referred to as the beating heart of the city of Paris and you can understand why there has been such a reaction from people around the world. It made me think whether there is any building or institution in Australia that would spark a similar outpouring of emotion if it was to be destroyed or significantly damaged?

Thanks and have a Happy Easter!

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