Balancing Board Oversight and Responsiveness

In a recent article I wrote on trends and changes that will impact community sport post COVID-19, I highlighted the importance of the governance and management culture of associations and clubs in determining how successfully these organisations can recover from the current crisis.

Organisations with an appropriate balance between oversight and speed to respond will be best placed to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. The following key questions are for boards and directors of not-for-profit organisations when considering their role in responding to the crisis and the balance between oversight and leadership.

1. Does the management team have the skills and capability required to respond to this event?
2. Does the management team need additional support?
3. Does the management team have the right decision making authority to in order to balance speed with oversight?
4. Are we speaking with one voice?
5. Are we enabling management and adding value or getting in the way?
6. Does management feel ‘safe’ to voice their concerns to the board?
7. How can the individual skills of directors be harnessed to assist the CEO and management team?

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