Governance Essentials Workshop series wrap-up

Tuesday evening was the fourth and final session for the Governance Essentials course delivered on behalf of the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries. We had 19 participants from a diverse range of organisations covering State Sporting Associations, Local Governments, Clubs, and Peak Bodies Parks & Leisure Australia and the Leisure Institute of WA. It was fantastic to have such a highly engaged group allowing us to explore a range of topics including:

• Key duties and responsibilities of Directors
• Governance structures in the national sport environment
• Understanding financial reports and key questions Directors should ask
• Board composition, skills mix, diversity and strategies to improve a boards effectiveness
• Setting the culture and behaviours for the board
• The board’s role in strategy formulation
• The risk management role of the board

Well done to everyone and we are looking forward to kicking it all off again with a new group Tuesday week in our second series Governance Excellence course which has been oversubscribed.
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