Key questions for not-for-profit and sporting association boards to ask

Community sport and events that many not-for-profits rely on have come to a complete halt in the past couple of weeks. This is going to place significant challenges on these organisations, and it is up to their boards and leadership teams to guide them through and out the other side.

Here are key questions every board should be asking.

- Are effective measures in place to ensure employee safety and compliance with public health directives and obligations?
- Do we have appropriate procedures in place for staff working remotely?
- What support does management need and what is the best way to support them?
- Are we communicating timely messages to both internal and external stakeholders?
- Have we planned for best, medium and worst case scenarios and developed contingencies to protect the organisation
- Are we adjusting revenue projections and taking action to boost financial resilience?
- Are we routinely reviewing the impact of the landscape changing as the crisis evolves?
- What planning do we need to do for post-pandemic operations and are there new opportunities that we need to consider?

Stay safe every one and look after each other.
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