vigamox eye drops price in india Business and Commercial Development - With government funding under pressure and changing expectations from customers, members and participants, diversifying and building new revenue streams is essential for the long term sustainability of organisations. Market insights and understanding customer needs are the foundations of any business development initiative and PDP has the experience to support you through this process. Our Business and Commercial Development Services include:   

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  • Product and program development - from idea generation, market research, and business development through to go to market strategy.  
  • Membership model reviews - traditional membership models are changing and need to be responsive to meet current consumer needs. 
  • Digital strategy - digital and IT systems are there to support your overall strategy - they do not dictate your strategy. We can assist you translate your organisation strategy into a digital strategy requirement and work with you through project implementation with vendors and service providers. 
  • Commercial and sponsorship strategies -  We can assist you understand and / or re-design your assets to maximise commercial return  - whether these be from members, participants, corporate sponsors or government partners.
  • Funding and grants - from grant writing through to project management and governance.

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