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Want to know how your board is performing and identify areas for improvement?

Our Board Evaluation Program is designed to provide your board with actionable insights to improve the performance of your board.

The self-assessment questionnaire is designed specifically for not-for-profit boards and are a cost effective and efficient way to understand more about your boards performance.

Our Board Evaluation Program will assess your boards performance across each of the following key topics.

  • Board Structure
  • Board Skills
  • Stakeholders & Accountability
  • Planning Practices
  • Policy Practices
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • CEO & Succession
  • Board Leadership & Culture
  • Board Meeting Processes

Actionable insights to improve performance

You will be provided with a custom report that will identify areas of governance strength as well as opportunities for improvement. These reports will highlight any areas of concern and provide your board with an improvement action plan.

Board Evaluation results
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Accessible online, anywhere

Our online board evaluation program gives directors the flexibility to access the self-assessment tool online, from anywhere.