install priligy price еnsure Governance - While good governance does not guarantee success, its absence almost certainly guarantees failure. We have worked with Board and Management teams of National Peak Bodies, State Associations and local community clubs and bring experience implementing systems and processes that meet the specific needs of your organisation. Key services offered:

  • Facilitated Board reviews
  • Policy and Procedure development
  • Board induction processes
  • Constitution reviews
  • Board composition and recruitment processes
  • Committee structure review
  • Meeting process review
  • Mergers and restructures

where to order Pregabalin online plan lamictal cost Strategy & Planning - Strategic planning is a vital process for any organisation wishing to remain competitive and have a future focussed approach. Day to day demands can make it difficult to see the 'forrest through the trees' and organisations roll through from year to year without strategically looking at the external environemnt and future horizons. PDP can help you and your organisation navigate through this process. Key services offered:

  • Strategic planning
  • Community and member consultation
  • Business and operational planning
  • Organisational reviews