conclude imitrex injection cost prioritize Performance Improvement - A significant challenge for small business and not-for-profit organisations is putting in place the right systems to monitor an organisations performance. Without these systems it becomes difficult to truly understand an organisations efficiency and effectiveness.  Our Performance Improvement Services include:
  • Data analysis and reporting. A lot of what we hear about data makes it seem complicated but it doesn't need to be. Most organisations already have on hand the core data that can make a difference to your business performance. PDP can help you identify the key sources of information that can make a meaningful difference to your performance and set up systems to make this easy to track and report against regularly. 
  • Market research. Understanding your customers, members, participants as well as your competitors is critical to ensure your strategy is on the right track. We can help you gather the information you require to ensure you are making informed decisions that give you the best chance of success. 
  • Operating model review - ensuring that the business model and operations align with the organisations purpose and current strategic direction. 
  • Business process re-design - we can help you identify inefficiencies or areas for productivity improvements.  
  • Procurement and contract evaluation - too often small business and not-for-profits pay significantly higher fees than necessary for services. Common examples include IT support and printers and photocopiers. We can provide you market comparisons to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.