Want to better track your organisations progress against its strategic plan?

While oversight and monitoring of an organisations progress against its strategy is one of the primary roles of the board, it remains an area which not-for-profit boards often find challenging.

The organisations strategic plan should be a living, breathing document that drives decision making and provides an accountability tool for the board to monitor the performance of the organisation over time. All too often however, the board spends little time monitoring or reviewing the strategic plan which was often developed at considerable time and expense.

Strategy reporting template

The problem can often be traced back to one of the following issues

a) Board not clear on what their role is.

b) Meaningful measures and Key Performance Indicators to help monitor performance have not been established

c) KPI’s are not presented to the board in a way that can be readily accessed or understood.

Developing a Performance Scorecard to track the performance of an organisation against its strategic plan is essential for high performing boards. If you would like to find out how PDP can help you or your board develop a Performance Scorecard including the development of designed dashboard reports, please get in touch to find out more.

KPI Dashboard