Sports, not screens are the key to happier, healthier children

New research from the University of South Australia further reinforces that children involved in extra curricular activities are more likely to feel happier and healthier than kids who are glued to a screen.

The study also highlights differences between children from low and high socio-economic backgrounds. Students in lower socio-economic backgrounds who frequently played sport were 15 per cent more likely to be optimistic, 14 per cent more likely to be happy and satisfied with their life, and 10 per cent more likely to be able to regulate their emotions.

Conversely, children who played video games and used social media almost always had lower levels of wellbeing, up to nine per cent less likely to be happy, up to eight per cent to be less optimism and 11 per cent to be more likely to give up on things.

Opportunities that encourage and support access to sport such as the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries Kids Sport vouchers are important to make sport more accessible to the whole community.

Read more about the study via the University of South Australia