The 2019 Not-for-profit Performance and Governance Study

The Australian Institute of Company Directors recently released the 10th Edition of the Not-for-profit Governance and Performance Study which provides a snapshot of the current state of governance across the NFP sector. Some of the headline results across the key findings are:
• NFP directors are spending more time on their board roles with over 50% of respondents spending more than two days per month on a single board role.
• Female representation continues to grow with 40% of respondents female, up from 27% in 2010.
• Attracting younger and culturally diverse directors continues to be a challenge.
• Strategic planning and implementation are seen as areas for further improvement.
• In a separate finding for sporting organisations, membership and facilities were identified as key challenges while sports betting and digital technologies were also highlighted as new considerations playing on director’s minds.

How is your board evolving to respond to an increasingly complex governance environment?

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